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by [re:jazz]

Star Chasers 06:24


With "Electrified" [re:jazz] present a second collection of electronic edits alongside a new original title (Star Chasers), which they have edited at 4Hero´s personal request. Most tracks are previously unreleased and are relating to originals from the 2008 studio album "Nipponized" by [re:jazz]. There are also some edits of older titles from earlier albums on this CD, previously only available on vinyl or digitally.

The spectrum of mixes ranges from house to reggae and the participating artists are coming together from different countries and genres. This is showing the success [re:jazz] has had with previous albums, which were always inspiring artists of different genres and led to collaborations.

The idea stems from recent gigs with [re:jazz] trying to play older pieces from their 2003 remix album live. The idea was to release a completely new album with remixes, and contrary to previous concerts, the live program will be adapted accordingly, thus presented with Fender Rhodes on stage rather than a grand piano. Just a bit more "electrified" and performed close to the remix versions of their repertoire. An intriguing approach and a challenge for all who have exprienced [re:jazz] in concert before, since they can "re-experience" the pieces anew.

The lineup starts with KIKo NAVARRO from the Pascha club on Mallorca, who reinterprets and turns the secret hit from the 2006 album "Expansions" into a Balearic pearl with Gabrielle. The album features his bonus reprise mix as well. A reduced version sans beats, but fully concentrating on Alice Russell´s incredibly soulful voice.

SHUR-I-KAN is a british producer and friend of Matthias Vogt, head behind [re:jazz]. His touch turns MG44BB into a hypnotic uptempo club tune, which refuses to be categorized into a certain style, but definitely soars into different spheres, borrowing slightly from trance.

Hailing from the U.K. as well, producer ATJAZZ treads broken beat paths with a bow towards 70s style boogie elements on "Written In The Stars", a composition by Matthias Vogt and Inga Lühning, without even slightly sounding the least retro.

"Skin Against Skin", edited by Budapest producer team SAVAGES Y SUEFO, is a relaxed downtempo tune based on rolling hiphop beats, giving you the feeling it could just groove on through the rest of the night.

MOP MOP from Italy are creating a cheek to cheek dance house tune. "Slo-mo" house so to speak- how does that work? Well, listen for yourself. They additionally refine their mix with a vibe track by Italian star vibe player Pasquella Mirra.

Munich based "RADIO UTOPIA", who will release their own debut album on INFRACom! this spring, are responsible for the label´s pop appeal. "You´ll See", actually the classic ballad of "Nipponized" and also a composition by Vogt and Lühning, turns into an electronic pop gem under their producer´s hands.

Once again, our man from Gonkyburg in Sweden Mr Andreas Saag aka SWELL SESSION did it. After his fantastic remix of "Release your mind" for the first „[re:jazz] (re-mix)“ album the new Swell Session Remix of "Donaueschingen" (taken from the 2004 release „Point Of View) is a fine British style hip hop track with a cool bossa feel. He transformed an instrumental into a full vocal meltdown of sophisticated beats and jazz feat. Atraidis on the mic.

DUSTY who has founded the young and succsesful Jazz & Milk label in Munich about three years ago delivers a real „jazznotjazz“ freestyle version of Rita, like his exotic DJ sets that electrify with ambitious jazz melodies and heavy percussive beats. His mix is one of the highlights to the album as it shows how one can combine both worlds electronic and real jazz in one tune without any compromisses and both works perfectly together...also on the dancefloor !

The original Big Band album cut of "People hold on" from the 2006 release „Expansion“ is transfered into a gorgeous 60's soul-jazz influenced remix from classy French in vogue's 'Metropolitan Jazz Affair' (aka Patchwork and Mr Day), featuring a elegant trumpet solo by Stephane Ronget which adds even more grace to the song.

It was a great honor and pleasure for [re:jazz] that they were able to win over well know Japanese jazz singer akiko for the recording of "Twiggy Twiggy". akiko is the first Japanese female singer to release on VERVE (Universal Japan) With THE DYNAMICS [re:jazz ] found the perfect remixer for this tune as the crew from Lyon does something very similar with their soul/reggae cover versions as [re:jazz] does in the jazz field.


released March 12, 2010


all rights reserved



[re:jazz] Frankfurt, Germany

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